There are a wide range of external trips which are integral to the academic programme; visits to the theatrical productions of plays being studied, meeting with MPs and Peers in Parliament to discuss the system of government in Britain, tours round our finest art galleries, a visit to the BBC for our communications students…the list goes on!

Non academic trips are laid on each weekend which our students can sign up for. Ever fancied a day trip to Bath, Cardiff or Brighton? Perhaps a day at Kenilworth castle or Warwick castle? Or maybe you’d like to see the ancient monuments at Stonehenge? There are also long weekends in Paris and Edinburgh which are always popular.

Halfway through the semester we have Travel Break. This is the opportunity for our students to take a well-earned break from their studies. Many students travel into Europe. Italy, Spain and the Netherlands are three favourite destinations. Some students decide to stay closer to home, exploring the towns and cities of Great Britain. Whatever you choose, it’s your travel break, it’s entirely up to you! But wherever you go, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.