The College Faculty

Courses are taught by a highly qualified British faculty who are at the College on a continuous basis and are able to provide continuity from one semester to another. There is close contact between faculty and student, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to being skilled classroom teachers, the Wroxton faculty enjoys working with students on a personal level. The faculty prides itself in taking personal interest in each and every student whether that be in a tutorial or over a biscuit and a cup of tea.

Dr Nicholas Baldwin Politics & Anatomy of Britain
Dr Charles Garrity Communications, Global Issues & Psychology
Mrs Wendy Hart History of Art
Mr John Hitchman The College Choir
Dr Linda Lee-Davis Cross Cultural Perspectives & International Business
Dr Pamela Mason English Literature & Theatre
Dr Angela Morris History and Sociology
Dr Elinor Parsons Theatre Performance and Production
Mr Keith Parsons English Literature & Theatre
Mr Andrew Rose Creative Writing


Guest Speakers

The range of senior academic, professional and theatrical figures who visit Wroxton during the various programmes run at the College is such that Wroxton students will have contact with more academic, professional and theatrical talent than will most British students. The guest speakers themselves are excellent and there are opportunities provided for students to meet informally with the speakers at lunch or over morning or afternoon tea.