Wroxton College’s teaching methods and academic personnel are chosen to give students the very best British educational experience. Course are taught by the lecture, seminar and tutorial method employed in British universities. We find that tutorials provide an intimate environment where the exchange of ideas is valued more than the mere transmission of information. A wide range of courses are available with subjects ranging from the arts to the political and social sciences. 

Program Requirements

The requirements for entry into the Wroxton semester program are as follows:

  1. Students must have a cumulative grade point ratio of 3.00 or better in 4.00 system (or equivalent), as indicated on an official college transcript.
  2. Students must be second-semester sophomores, juniors, seniors or Graduates.
  3. Students must come to Wroxton College from regionally accredited institutions in the United States. Applications must be approved by the sending college or university before admission to the Wroxton program can be granted. This approval is indicated by the signature of the dean of students or a designated official of the college or university.
  4. Three letters of recommendation from current or former professors.
  5. Graduate Studies Application with official college transcripts. In addition, if matriculating, GRE test scores.

For more information, contact Brian Swanzey, Director for Study Abroad

Telephone: 201-592-2729

e-mail: brian_swanzey@fdu.edu