Share the Wroxton Experience With Someone Special

Children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews of Wroxton Alumni attending any four-year college or university in the United States (other than FDU) are eligible for a Wroxton College Legacy Award of $10,000+ while studying at Wroxton College for a Fall or Spring semester.

The Wroxton College Legacy Award is set at 50 percent of the standard per-semester tuition rate: for AY 2019-20, this is $20,376 (tuition) – $10,188 (Legacy Award) = $10,188 (adjusted tuition).

Contact the FDU Office of Study Abroad by October 1 for Spring Semester and by March 1 for Fall Semester.

E-mail or telephone 201 692 7218

Other Financial Aid

Contact the Study Abroad Office of your home institution to learn what other financial aid you may be eligible for.