All Spring/Fall semester students who attend Wroxton College for the first time are required to participate in a special three credit interdisciplinary program, The Anatomy of Contemporary Britain (INTER 3430)

In addition, students may select up to three of the following core courses

ART 3415 The Development of British Painting Spring Fall
ENGL 3410 Modern Novels on the Screen Spring
ENGL 3422 The Play’s the Thing Fall
ENGL 3424 To Hold the Mirror up to Nature Spring
ENGL 3456 20th & 21st Century Drama Fall
HIST 3422 Britain in the Modern Era Spring Fall
POLS 3450 British Government & Politics Spring Fall


Students may take a maximum of three of the following elective courses

COMM 3026 Communications: Culture & Media in Britain Spring Fall
ENGL 3325 Creative Writing Spring Fall
ENGL 3421 Not of an Age, but for All Time Spring (must also take ENGL 3424)
ENGL 3466 Three 19th Century Writers Fall
IBUS 3201 Fundamentals of International Business Spring Fall
MUS 1020 Wroxton Choir Spring Fall
PSYC 3318 The Psychology of Everyday Persuasion Spring Fall
SOCI 3440 Women and Race in Modern Britain Spring Fall
THEA 2300 Performance & Production Spring Fall
UNIV 2001 Cross-Cultural Perspectives Spring Fall
UNIV 2002 Global Issues Spring Fall